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Are you already done? Or are you still scanning?

Yes, this article is very personal. And for now, there’s no happy ending. But I just felt like putting it into words for the world out there and for myself.

There are many types of people. And that’s wonderful. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. And if you combine them, you can create something great. That’s why many people enjoy working in a team so much. One person is good at organizing, another is creative, others are solution-oriented and extroverts sell this well. And if everyone feels comfortable in their place in the team and is properly deployed, anything is probably possible.


Autopilot is sometimes life-threatening, otherwise often annoying

As I already mentioned, a Tesla Model Y has been on my doorstep since February 2024. That’s “funny” because the news about Tesla has been coming thick and fast ever since. Sales figures are plummeting, the Cybertruck is a disaster from start to finish, mass redundancies have been announced, and Mr. Musk has even fired his entire marketing team. As if his marketing team were in any way to blame for the nosedive. But that’s just by the way. Meanwhile, I completed my first long journey in the new car. To summarize: nice car to travel in, but we still arrived home safely.


Incogni: Is it worth it?

We all leave traces on the Internet and in our daily lives. That should be clear to everyone. And we should also realize that our personal data is not always treated kindly. Information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and e-mail addresses are stolen, sold and misused. That’s why the phone occasionally rings because of supposed competitions or surveys, and that’s why there’s so much spam in your inbox.


Tesla against my will

There can be many reasons for buying a new car. Either it is old, and the repairs are gradually exceeding the value of the vehicle, or an accident puts a spanner in the works. Or the leasing contract expires, and you fancy something new. There are also people (I’ve actually heard this) for whom money is no object. They buy a new car because they’ve just been shopping anyway. In my case, it really was an accident with a lorry on the motorway at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, nothing happened to my wife, although the photos she sent me shortly afterwards almost made my heart stop. But all is well, it was “only” a (huge) fender bender and a big scare.


Jean-Michel Jarre and his concerts in China

It wasn’t until much later that I realized that music had influenced me from a very early age. While my father listened to a lot of Beatles, Dire Straits and others from the rock and pop universe, he also had a passion for electronic music. I vividly remember the Kraftwerk record (Radioactivity), which I knew inside out. The very first CD my father bought was also full of timeless synthesizer music by Jean-Michel Jarre, Axel F, Vangelis and so on. And it was precisely this genre that had a lasting influence on my taste in music — to this day.